My tech trends for 2017

January 07, 2017

Everyone is trying to predict the year’s biggest global tech trends. AI, self-driving cars and VR usually populate the top of the list. While those things are neat it’s tough to see the immediate effect to my life. Instead I decided to create my own list.

  1. Bye-bye Facebook. Yeah, the number of people who say this probably outnumber the gym rookies on Jan. 1. Here’s the thing. Facebook’s value to me has dwindled to almost nothing over the last few months. I blame the election.
  2. Publish more. I’ve struggled over the last several years to do anything resembling consistent blogging. Between deciding on topics and a general fear of sounding ridiculous I always find an excuse to not hit “Publish”. This year all I’m working towards is at least 100 words published per day. So far, so good.
  3. Less screen time. More creating with my hands. Very few things in this world give me more pleasure than spending a couple of hours in the shop and returning with a new box or toy for my son.

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Written by Aaron Eaton