(Resisting) Rest

January 08, 2017

It’s difficult.

Being a parent. A team lead. A homeowner. A husband. It’s difficult to know when to rest. There’s always something you could be doing.

And then you get that tickle at the back of your throat. Your energy dissipates. You wake up in the morning feeling as if someone inflated a jello-filled balloon in your head.

But there’s no fever and you’re keeping your food down. There’s a job to do.

So you go about your business getting everything done. A week goes by and you aren’t any better so you give in and see the doctor. He diagnoses you with walking pneumonia, tells you to rest and sends you home with some prescriptions.

But at home there’s a kid to care for. Software to develop. Yard work. A wife to support.

It’s so easy to resist rest.

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Written by Aaron Eaton