Disable comments on all WordPress pages at once

Comments on pages by default. Not sure why that is a thing but we’re talking about 13 year old software here. It’s easy enough to turn off comments manually. Page by page. Why do work by hand when you could automate it? Turns out it’s simple enough to turn off comments on every single page […]


We all face challenges in our daily lives. The difference between those who go to sleep feeling fulfilled and those who don’t is the former group makes the choice to push through the challenge. In a word: Grit. Yeah, you were up all night with your kid who was vomiting every hour. The next day was […]

Using WP_Mock with PhpSpec

Over the last few weeks I’ve begun a push to increase our test coverage in OptinMonster with PhpSpec. Doing so will allow the team to release features with greater confidence and reduce bugs throughout the codebase. As tests were being written I quickly ran into issues mocking WordPress functions. Yep! OptinMonster is written on top of WordPress! After trying […]

Finally. An easy way to style dropdowns (select elements)

Do you know what I hate the most about CSS? Styling form elements. Yes, most browsers provide some sensible defaults, but clients never seem to want those in their designs. Good luck getting the form to look the same across all browsers. Some even say it’s downright impossible. Do you know what I loathe about CSS? Styling dropdowns […]

Improving the support ticket submission experience

During the design phase of the new OptinMonster SaaS we realized that there was one killer feature that could set us apart from our competition. It wasn’t more beautiful themes, a super-duper form builder or a brand new type of optin form. Don’t get me wrong. All of those features are important to us and are in […]